Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are always needed to support various BPC activities. To volunteer for any opportunies with BPC, please contact the church office at 703-764-0456 or info@burkepreschurch.org.

Fix-it Team

As with any property, there’s always something that needs tending. You can help this
team in two ways: If you spot a problem with the interior of BPC, let us know! There is a clipboard on the bulletin board in the church office (“Fix-It Forms”): Fill out a form and alert us to the problem. And if you’d like to join the team, we’d love to have you. You don’t have to be a home improvement expert: Just show up Tuesdays at 10 a.m. Any questions, contact George Sturgill.

Grocery Shoppers

Christ House has been serving the homeless and sick since 1985. BPC prepares dinner on the second Saturday of every month for the residents. Please help us in this mission by going grocery shopping! The Christ House shopping cart with shopping lists and detailed instructions is located on the narthex Ministries Board.

Meals & Drivers

Are you willing to occasionally make/deliver a meal or drive a friend to an appointment? BPC is in serious need of volunteers to help with these important ministries. Contact office@burkepreschurch.org to volunteer; please specify whether you are willing to help with an occasional meal, driving trip, or both!

Nursery Care

Our nursery needs you. Perhaps you’ve noticed all the young families pouring through our doors. This is great news for our church, but it comes with responsibility. Give yourself and the church a gift and play with our littlest BPC friends occasionally; we could use extra hands. BPC also is hiring additional staff for its child-care team. If you are interested in volunteering—or working—with our kids, contact Arlene Decina at Arlene@BurkePresChurch.org.


Office volunteers needed! Do you have a little extra time during weekday hours that you’d be willing to share with BPC? The office needs you, especially if you have experience using Microsoft Word and/or Excel or would like to assist with phone calls. Contact Cindy Pettigrew (Cindy@burkepreschurch.org) for more information