A Session Statement on the Domestic Terrorism in Washington

A note from the Session of BPC:
“Last week we all witnessed mob violence at the U.S. Capitol, as we saw an attempt to disrupt our democratic process. However you identify politically, violence against persons is an affront to our faith. Last week’s events were difficult to watch unfold during an already challenging season, and we want to affirm that whatever grief, anger, worry or confusion you feel is valid and understandable. And at the personal level, all of us have friends, family, and perhaps fellow Christians with whom our relationships have grown even more strained because of these events. In these times, a call for unity or healing may feel premature. Instead, we invite you to join in a time of community prayers for the nation as we continue to live through these tumultuous days. As elders in the Presbyterian Church, we have made promises to lead with energy, intelligence, imagination, and love. Our times demand nothing less. We pray for the courage to listen for the voices of those long silenced, and to work together for justice and peace. In the present moment, that work compels us to lift prayers for all of our elected officials, and for a peaceful transfer of power. We invite you to join us in prayer.”

Our Pastor Nominating Committee’s “Ministry Information Form” is Ready!

BPC is in the process of hiring a new senior pastor. A first step in this critical process is producing what is known as a “Ministry Information Form,” which helps potential candidates learn more about us. That form may be found here: BPC.MIF

We are so excited to see where the Spirit leads us in this transformative time!