TreeHouse – a hospitality cottage industry
Irreverent and sacred model: “Cheers” in a church setting
Where everybody knows your (first) name
Where imperfection is assumed, is the Norm
Where you listen to problems you are not expected to solve
Where you are family in a family not your own
Where laughter rings around you and never at you
Where love sits at every seat and greets all who come in
TreeHouse – a safe and friendly place

What Is TreeHouse?

TreeHouse is a safe and friendly place to come and be nurtured by simple food and simple activities such as conversation, crafts, games and puzzles, and even poetry writing. Its distinctive feature and Christian challenge is the practice of compassion and nonjudgment.

TreeHouse is especially a safe and friendly place for people living with long-term and life altering conditions such as depression, lingering grief, traumatic injuries, chronic or degenerative diseases. In fact, it is a safe and friendly place for anyone who has a general sense of not fitting in. All are welcome.

Support is often available for crises, but when an issue has no definitive end in sight, it is hard to sustain that same level of support and people tend to fall away. It is only natural. And yet everyone knows that chronic disease, depression, and other physical or emotional challenges bring additional stress to the everyday demands of life in school or work, church, community, family, friendships, and other relationships. Where can one go to relax and have a bite to eat on a Friday night and know there will be a place for them?

Gatherings Twice Each Month

Twice a month that place is TreeHouse, a place that makes no further demands of your brain, only your heart: You are coming home, settling down and relaxing in good company with others to experience the casual comfort of community that sometimes “real” families, “real” life has not or currently is not providing.

TreeHouse offers a few moments of community where the work is getting supper together and practicing social skills and hospitality – making each other more comfortable by offering that bite to eat, that cup of water or coffee, and expressing a genuine interest in sharing some time with each other.

Each person who comes to TreeHouse contributes something, if only the opportunity for another to practice compassion, patience, and listening. These deceptively simple practices are the foundation of relationship building and community building.

Note: TreeHouse does not meet June-August.

Service Projects

Group activities become service projects directed to the needs of others. In creating valentine cards and Christmas gift cards for military service members, some people were gluing, some cutting, some tying ribbons, some coloring with crayons and markers, some writing messages of love and caring. Some people were helping others to do the gluing, cutting, coloring. Everyone added a little something to those efforts to send love to strangers they might never meet.