Burke Presbyterian Church is in the midst of a major building project, to be completed in the spring of 2020!

What will this project involve?  There are two phases. Phase one was completed in the fall, and it includes renovating the entire downstairs (near the shed and lower parking lot). That space is devoted to our preschool, nursery, and children’s ministries. Phase two began in December. We are adding a “gathering space” (see architect’s rendering below), which will fill the current courtyard area where the church’s main entrance is located; expanding the kitchen; and updating the rooms where the preschool currently is housed.

We call this exciting enterprise our “Widen the Circle” project, because that’s what we’re doing: making more space for hospitality.

Church is operating as usual during all phases of the project. If you have questions about the building project, please visit our Widen the Circle kiosk in the outer narthex on Sunday mornings. If you have made a pledge/donation to this project, and would like to pay online, find the Widen the Circle button on this page. And check back for periodic updates! It’s an exciting time in the life of Burke Presbyterian, and we can’t wait to share in it with you!