Burke Presbyterian Church is in the midst of a major building project, to be completed in the summer of 2020!

**Early July Update**

The coronavirus pandemic has changed how we all operate, and all of the activities and ministries affiliated with Burke Presbyterian have largely moved of mid-March. However, construction is still underway on our massive “Widen the Circle” project. Watch the progress through some photos!

From left to right:

#1 – New main entrance doors for BPC preschool from the lower parking lot.

#2 – Hand laid decorative stone on fireplace and chimney on inside of the new Gathering Space.

#3 – Stall partitions in new bathrooms off the Gathering Space.  Toilet fixtures and sinks have been installed. Protective plastic covering on stall partitions for shipping has started to peel off.

Previous weeks’ work includes:

Temporary walls in the hallway from the Meditation Room to the Meeting House have been removed.  There will be a pair of permanent fire doors across the hallway as part of the new firewall.  The doors will normally be open until a fire alarm allows them to swing closed; Weatherproofing materials installed on cross tower. Siding is next to match rest of the church; Uplighting around the clerestory which is the upper level of windows above normal line of sight.  This is an architectural term. The lights are a single string of LED lights that go all the way around the new Gathering Space; Bathroom floor and wall tiles and fixtures are being installed.

Crane putting the cross in place at top of the tower at front corner of the new addition; Framing for the front doors to the new Gathering Space (GS); Temporary plywood wall until actual doors installed.  The GS is now enclosed and protected from the weather; All the walls in the Gathering Space and the youth classrooms, hallway, kitchen and pantry now have drywall up, seams finished and they started to put on prime paint today.

Siding on new Gathering Space (GS).  Prime paint only, when siding done all will be painted to match current BPC exterior siding; Main HVAC ducts being installed in ceiling of GS; Interior drywall on classrooms, bathrooms and serving area making good progress.  Picture is of serving area off GS and near kitchen. the main entrance from outside with the canopy structure and initial siding installed; the addition of an exterior weather barrier, white waterproofing material, on the outside block walls; and the front door canopy roof and metal structure for the cross tower, which is almost complete; the application of an air and vapor barrier (the blue tape) to all the external seams and window frames; the application of black water proofing on all the external block surfaces; and the addition of sheets of insulation and plywood on the chimney. The insulation and plywood work are complete and now work is happening on the building steel structure for the large window overhang. The steel structure is complete for the front door canopy and cross tower. The cross eventually goes above the tallest steel beam.










What does this project involve?  There are two phases. Phase one was completed in the fall, and it includes renovating the entire downstairs (near the shed and lower parking lot). That space is devoted to our preschool, nursery, and children’s ministries. Phase two began in December. We are adding a “gathering space” (see architect’s rendering below), which will fill the current courtyard area where the church’s main entrance is located; expanding the kitchen; and updating the rooms where the preschool currently is housed.

We call this exciting enterprise our “Widen the Circle” project, because that’s what we’re doing: making more space for hospitality.

 If you have made a pledge/donation to this project, and would like to pay online, find the Widen the Circle button on this page. And check back for periodic updates! It’s an exciting time in the life of Burke Presbyterian, and we can’t wait to share in it with you!