“Finding a Pastor the Reformed Way”

That’s the theme of Dr. R. Bruce Douglass’ talk here on Reformation Sunday, October 27. It’s timely, given our search for both an interim and a full-time pastor: What does it mean to be part of this Presbyterian/Reformed tradition during times of transition? How do we do things differently from other faith traditions and why? Come find out! Bruce is a retired professor of political theory at Georgetown University and the founding director of The Reformed Institute of Metropolitan Washington. This is an important class for leaders of the church—elders and deacons alike—particularly if you are involved in our search process. So mark your calendars: Bruce will be speaking at 10:15 am in the Meeting House. 

Welcome, fall.

Burke Presbyterian Church offers two morning worship services (9 am and 11:15 am) and Sunday school for all ages at 10:15. This season our adult spiritual growth program will focus on a topic we think many of us can relate to: ”Being the Church in a Messy World.” This is a collaboration of the Social Witness and Spiritual Growth teams. Bearing witness and participating in solutions to what is breaking God’s heart here on earth are, it seems, at the core of what it is to follow Jesus. We are confronted by heartbreak every day in the news, and yet we pray, “thy Kingdom come.” What wisdom can we find in scripture to guide us? What did Jesus do and say that can help us to know what to think and what to do? We’ll gather in the library between morning services: Join us!

It’s an exciting time to check out BPC.

Burke Presbyterian is hopping. We are in the process of searching for a new senior pastor, and we will have an interim pastor on staff by the end of October. We are in the middle of a major construction project, through which we are upgrading and expanding our space. Our social justice team is energized, living out Christ’s work in the world. Our children and youth are showing up for music, mission, study and sabbath events. We would love for you to be part of our community. Write office@burkepreschurch.org to learn more.

It’s a great time to join the BPC Preschool.

We have just a few spots left for the 2019-20 school year: Register today!

We’d love to tell you more about our loving, caring program for children ages 3– 5: We are moving into new, beautiful space this fall, following a big building renovation, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Call today (703-250-1823) for a tour, and spread the word! Check out our website at

Invite People to Come to BPC

Take the time to think of neighbors, friends, and people at work who you could invite to come to our services.

Building Use Reminder

Office Administrator Cindy Pettigrew manages the church calendar and assigns space to groups and committees. Please contact Cindy directly if you have a meeting or event you would like scheduled (office@burkepreschurch.org).

Pledge Your Support

Stewardship season is upon us. So … what’s stewardship? Technically it means “the job of taking care of something.”

In the case of the church, it’s how we raise money to do literally everything that happens here. Our only income comes from you, so without you, we can’t do any of it.

Please prayerfully consider what you or your family might be able to pledge to BPC for 2018. Here, we receive love and give love, and our offerings are one reflection of that love.

Stewardship packets have been mailed. Did you know that we have 700 members and fewer than 220 pledging units at BPC? Putting money in the offering plate is wonderful, but without a promise from you, we can’t plan our budget.

There is a special “I Would Walk 500 Years” display in the narthex. We are literally going to track our pledges in feet! We won’t be naming names or dollar amounts … it will all be anonymous. But every time we collect a pledge, another foot will go up! So make sure your family is among those with a “foot,” a marker of your support of BPC.

Every gift counts, no matter the size. And thank you.

You’ll be seeing green pledge cards, too, and we ask that you bring those to church with you on October 29, which is Commitment Sunday.

Pledge online now.

More about stewardship at BPC.