Collegiate Ministry

The Gathering

A new spiritual growth offering this fall for young adults at Burke Presbyterian Church, combines
traditional classroom discussions with informal offsite gatherings, to encourage everyone–including the facilitator–to participate in the experience, have a point of view, and deepen their faith.

  • UKirk members (college age adults)
  • recent graduates
  • upperclassmen in high school

are invited to join in this unique opportunity for fellowship and spiritual growth together.

The Gathering will meet Feb. 9, 16, and 23; March 9, 22, and 31; and April 7. For more information, please feel free to contact The Gathering’s facilitator, John Ariale.

BPC UKirk Ministries Program

Collegiate ministry is a lot of things: it is inspiring, funky, hilarious, and weird. It is high-energy, world-changing, tear- jerking, life-altering. It is where students can pray, ask, respond, listen, laugh, cry, wonder, and be who God made them to be. It is for ‘Jesus freaks,’ skeptics, Christians, atheists, doubters, and wanderers. It gives students a space for worship, questions, fears, anxieties, hopes, and dreams.

It reminds us—whether or not we’re in college—that we are not alone, that we are not forgotten, that we are loved, that we matter. It’s where we, Christ’s body, are called to be. And so, we, the Church, will walk alongside students as they come to know and seek to understand Jesus as Lord.

Visit the BPC UKirk Ministries site for more information!

Staying Connected

  • Our Facebook page helps college students stay connected to one another and the church
  • We offer regular e-meditations to all members
  • We provide all college students with care packages to remind them of their church home


  • Depending on interest, we hold Summer Discussion Groups
  • We gather during the summer and college breaks for fellowship

Service and Exploration

  • The passion to make a difference and build experiences is appealing to young adults in our congregation so we craft mini-mission opportunities for them
  • We offer spiritual growth opportunities including particpation in the annual Montreat College Conference held over winter break