Filling the House: BPC’s 2021 Stewardship Campaign

We are learning during this strange season that the building may be a critical tool for our various ministries (and we will sure do a lot of Kingdom-building inside it when the time is right), but it is not what links us. We are the Church, and we are continuing to answer God’s call for community, service, worship, and spiritual growth in a whole slew of creative ways.

In that spirit, we have a new phrase/concept we are using in this season to shape our vision for BPC’s next chapter: “Fill the House.” In Psalm 103:5 we are reminded that “He fills my life with good things.” Yes, this phrase has a literal component: We are filled with anticipation for the day when we can gather in person inside our new beautiful space, and hug, shake hands, sing and lift loud voices of praise. When our physical BPC house is full, our hearts will be as well.

But “Fill the House” means something else, too: Our planet is a house. Our community is a house. With what shall we fill it? We need ideas, energy, and money to continue finding creative ways to reach neighbors, feed bodies and souls, and support the disenfranchised. That’s why “Fill the House” is a stewardship message as well: We can’t fill God’s Kingdom with love without you. Pledge to our 2021 campaign today by clicking here.