From Pieces to Peace: How God Puts Us Back Together


We know there is more to life than feeling divided, scattered and “all over the place.” Our June sermon series is based on the lectionary and offers five distinct ways God puts us back together. Join us.

June 12How do we live together in such a fractured and divided world? When God directs Peter towards Cornelius, the Spirit creates unexpected community reveals that we have something even more important in common.

7 pm – Join us for the IMPACT Choir Concert at BPC

June 19 – “All the lonely people, where do they all come from?” How many times do we read about that person who no one knew, not even their next-door neighbors, only after some terrible loss has occurred? Jesus shows a different approach with significant implications for our culture.

June 26 – In a time when there are more choices than ever, how do you know what to decide? Do you do what makes you happy, what feels right in your gut, or what your friend recommends? Today’s text from Galatians is a bracing and relevant guide for our most important choices as a people.

2 pm – Join us for the conversation about Race and Reconciliation at First Baptist Vienna, with renowned author, Dr. Jay Augustine.

July 3Do we have to do this on our own? When Jesus sends out his followers in pairs with as little as possible, he shows them what they can truly rely on.