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Partners in God's Global Village Kibwezi Bethel Presbyterian Church Kibwezi, Kenya

A report on the Sept. 2015 Kibwezi trip, from Pastor Jarrett

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As you might expect, the depth and scope of this mission has grown dramatically over the last quarter-century. What was once a relatively empty piece of property is now home to a church, a primary school, and a polytechnic trade school, complete with student dormitories. Also on site is the Tumaini Orphan Care Home, where seven of the 35 children supported in the Orphan Care program live (the other 28 are living with families, which is the preferred custom in Kenya, but I am grateful for this home that houses the seven for whom that is not possible).

In some ways, our mission partnership in Kenya is a microcosm for our mission values here at BPC. At times there are people and situations that can do nothing but receive. Orphaned children have no resources and for some time they will be in a season of receiving. We give joyfully and prayerfully, trusting in the power of hope.

There are other people and situations, however, where it is not helpful to simply give, where a one-way giving-receiving relationship may be more harmful than helpful. Take the Walking With Africans Micro-Finance Program (WAF), for instance. The guiding principle here is that you should never do for others what they have the power to do for themselves.

Community groups of anywhere from six to 20 members create covenant groups together and agree to stand responsible for one another’s business loans. These loans give entrepreneurs an opportunity to get enough capital to begin a small business and then to use their profits to 1.) re-invest in growing their business, and 2.) repay the loan and enable others in the group to receive a loan for their own business venture.

Through WAF, individuals not only have the opportunity to better their own lives and the lives of their children, but they also have the pride of doing it for themselves.

BPC’s mission partnership in Kenya embodies a balance between ministries of giving and ministries of empowering. Please join us in prayer as we seek to embody that balance in all aspects of our mission and outreach.

About the Partnership

Since 1987, Burke Presbyterian Church and Kibwezi Bethel Church have built a partnership based upon mutual trust, faith and respect. Since the churches have much to give each other and Jesus calls us to love one another -- through letters and visits, we developed a list of ways we could assist one another in achieving God's purpose.

In East Africa where educational opportunity is limited, The Presbyterian Church of East Africa has made the church and the vocational school a primary mission focus in this arid land of subsistence farming and survival living. We have joined them in providing resources.

Also, we provide financial assistance, guidance and prayer for the Burke/Kibwezi Tumaini Orphan Care Program, which assists orphaned children where they are now living and provides "rescue" support if existing living conditions are inadequate or unsafe.

Get Involved

You can become involved in this important partnership!

Involvement can be as basic as remembering our partners in prayer, making a donation, sponsoring a program or work camp participant, or as enriching and life-changing as participating in the summer work camp experience every three years in Kibwezi, Kenya, East Africa.

To make a donation or to volunteer or learn more about upcoming opportunities, contact: Rick Bryan, Kibwezi Committee Chair,