Turning Point

Beyond These Walls

For more than two years, the Turning Point series was part of The New Leaf. That series focused on BPC members … several dozen of them … and told tales about transformational moments in their lives.

We’re trying something new now.

BPC is at a crossroads: This church is trying to figure out how much to invest in our physical plant and how best to accommodate our growing numbers and expanding ministries. We don’t know where this journey will end.

In truth, however, a church building is only as good as the love it generates in God’s larger world. We’re going to look at some examples of how BPC members are serving Christ, beyond these walls.

A boy named Anthony started seventh grade late last month, and for the first time in four years, he won’t be meeting with Nancy Morrison on Monday afternoons. He won’t munch on a snack of microwave popcorn before wiggling in a plastic seat in the BPC basement, sharing a few stories about the latest professional soccer game he saw on television, and then, finally, digging in to his homework folder.


Turning Point

Turning Point is a series about transformative moments, times when one has done or experienced a new thing and been changed by it.

He waited tables to help pay for college. It was the customers he served who helped change his life.


Do you have a “turning point” moment you’d like to share? It could be big or small, a moment that changed your life or your day. Write BPC Communications Director Kim Marin at kim@burkepreschurch.org.

Stories are published in the BPC monthly newsletter, The New Leaf, and are written by Kim Marin.