Welcome BPC’s Own Little Free Library!

A creative and enterprising BPC youth has built a wonderful new addition for our property: a “little free library.”
Harper Ham has spent part of her quarantine time building the structure, and this past weekend it was installed next to the BPC parking lot at the start of the path that leads to Kohl’s. Our hope is that it will serve the many community members who use the path, church members, and eventually, when the school is up and running again, preschoolers! Harper will serve as the librarian, and she has placed a donation bin in a covered spot under the back steps to the cottage. Here’s where you come in! If you have books that are suitable for adults, youth, or children that you would like to donate, just swing by the church and add them to the plastic donation bin. Harper will periodically curate the donations and make sure a good blend of choices are always available in the library.
Want to learn more about the national “little free library” movement? Go here! https://littlefreelibrary.org/ We are waiting for the official plaque that has BPC’s registration number on it, and once received, Harper will be able to add this to the national map of libraries.Thanks especially to Harper and also to the Mission Committee and the Session for developing and supporting this wonderful community project.