Church Leadership

The Session

The Session, the governing body of the church, consists of Elders charged with spiritual leadership of the congregation, overseeing programs, developing and monitoring the budget, setting policies, and long-range planning. The 15 Elders represent the programs and mission of the church:


  • Worship - Ashley Utter
  • Children's Ministry - Lisa Vercellone
  • Youth Ministry - John Ariale
  • Adult Spiritual Growth - Judy Ruud
  • Mission - Eva Thorp
  • Evangelism - Andrea Ham
  • Office Operations - Matt Bogen
  • Community Life - Carol Ann Cunningham
  • Small Groups - Nancy Morrison
  • Facilities - George Sturgill
  • Stewardship - Teresa Weaver
  • Personnel - Dan Herrema
  • Vocations - Nancy Rosene
  • Nominations - Ray Carter
  • Clerk of Session - John Steinmetz

Board of Deacons

The Board of Deacons has as its guiding motto "Because We Love You" as they, in ministry, provide care to the Burke Presbyterian Church family.  The deacons serve on care-giving teams of two that respond as concerns arise throughout their week on call.  They also serve as either a coordinator or on a care ministry team.

Deacons are called to minister to congregants who are in need, sick, lonely, or in distress. They do so by serving on a team of two as a weekly Deacon on Call approximately six times a year. During that week they:

  • Take flowers from the Meeting House to those who might need some brightness in their lives or who could use some recognition for all they do in BPC.
  • Respond to pastoral crises that occur with a card, call, visit, basket-of-love and/or food, as needed.

Deacons participate in ministry teams. The deacons are a gift to BPC and yet the normal chorus is that they get more out of being a deacon than they give. It’s a group of caring people who are a joy to know.

Members currently serving as deacons are: Elmer Klumpp, Jennifer Connors, Mara Ashby, Franchesca Cole, Ed Sadtler, Linda Greenlees, John Greenlees, Donna Gross, Chimmy Munthali, Kim Marin, Sherrie Brady, Frank Brady, Barbara Enos, Jim Weaver, Justin Hinote, Tara Hinote, Marilyn Klumpp, Karen Bogen, Pam Braithwaite, Jean Buffardi, Edwin Ngongbo, Liz Ngongbo, Craig Postlewaite and Heidi Osterhout.