We Presbyterians at BPC have long supported the Fairfax Area Christian Emergency and Transitional Services. Does this sound bureaucratic and distant? Not so. This is FACETS, an organization that many of us know well.

To discover why FACETS is so important to the people of the county, we turn to the eloquence of the FACETS Mission and Vision Statements: FACETS opens doors by helping parents, their children, and individuals who suffer the effects of poverty in Fairfax County. FACETS envisions a day when everyone in Fairfax County has access to adequate and affordable housing and nobody is homeless. We seek to engage and educate our community in providing long-term solutions and resources to break the cycle for our neighbors in need.

In brief, FACETS strives to prevent families from becoming homeless by providing basic needs assistance, to help to find long-term housing for those whom have already lost their homes, and to educate vulnerable people on breaking the cycle of poverty.

We at BPC know that Jesus commanded us to feed the stranger and invite him to enter. FACETS by gathering the resources of faith communities, businesses, non-profits, and government agencies to address the poor of one of the wealthiest communities in the United States, helps us to obey our Lord and end homelessness of our fellow citizens. As we know, many of us could be among them in this economy.

We help the mission of FACETS (and the mission of BPC) in various ways. FACETS receives an annual line item contribution from BPC’s mission budget. Volunteers offer assistance to FACETS annual fundraiser.

We have used money from our rummage sale to buy furniture for FACETs managed apartments under the Linda’s Gateway Program. By doing this, we helped to remove families from dehumanizing warehousing in substandard motels. And, we served meals, provided recreation and companionship, and spent nights with those who were cold and hungry and had no place to go. We are charter members of FACETS Hypothermia program.