Labyrinth Prayer Walks

LabyrinthThe Burke Presbyterian Church Labyrinth ministry provides a regular opportunity for contemplative worship. An outdoor seven-circuit labyrinth is in the wooded, serene Memorial Garden. A canvas labyrinth opened periodically in the Meeting House is a replica of one created circa 1200 as part of the stone floor of the cathedral at Chartres, France.

Unlike a maze, there are no false trails on a labyrinth. One path leads to the center and back out; the entrance is also the exit. Entering the labyrinth, one steps out of clock time and into Holy time.

You are invited to walk the labyrinth. The labyrinth is a quiet worship space prepared for individual silent prayer.

All are welcome

Outdoor Labyrinth
Available at any time. Located in the Memorial Garden at the end nearest the parking lot entrance.
 Outdoor Labyrinth

Indoor LabyrinthIndoor Labyrinth
Open the first Monday of each month from 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m (with the exception of March). Located in the Meeting House.

This prayerful walk can be viewed as a three step process. First, moving toward the center, walkers release, or let go of, cares and concerns that distract them. In the center, they pause to receive clarity or illumination; on the way out, walkers may perceive a sense of unity, experience a refreshed spirit, and bring back to the world a renewed vision.

Take some time before you begin. Disengage from the rest of your day and relax.

Proceed at your own pace. You may pass others who are moving at a slower rate, or step aside for others walking at a faster pace.

In the center, you may sit, kneel, stand, meditate, face several directions, or silently read a poem, prayer, scripture, or other piece you may have brought along.