The Reverend Jarrett McLaughlin
Head Pastor

Jarrett grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina where he had a pretty regular childhood – riding bikes around the neighborhood, muddling through school, trying to play various sports (emphasis on try), going through a phase of wearing lots of black in high school, and through it all, always finding a place of welcome in the Church. 

Jarrett became a “traitor” to his NC State traditioned family when he went to UNC-Chapel Hill for college.  Missing youth group terribly, Jarrett quickly discovered Presbyterian Campus Ministry where, in addition to exploring his call to ministry, he also met Meg. 

After college, Jarrett served as a youth minister for one year and then spent another year traveling, spending a great deal of time in Port-au-Prince, Haiti living in community with disabled children at Wings of Hope. 

He then went to Union-PSCE seminary (Now “Union Presbyterian Seminary”) and then went on to serve as an associate pastor for mission and young adult ministry at Village Presbyterian Church in Kansas City.  Now he is thrilled that his path has led to Burke Presbyterian Church where he gets to work with his wife and partner in ministry every day and where  his daughters feel so much at home.

When not engaged at Church, Jarrett enjoys running and hiking.  He is also an obsessive music fan intent on keeping up with independent music of all kinds – reading music blogs and record reviews, scoping out live shows and constantly rolling tunes in the car, home or office.  He also enjoys photography and creative video editing.  Most of all, Jarrett has a deep passion for the Church and holds onto to our common calling to be a place where anyone and everyone can find a place of welcome.

The Reverend Meg Peery McLaughlin
Head Pastor


Meg Peery McLaughlin is delighted to be serving as Co-Pastor at Burke Presbyterian Church, alongside her husband, Jarrett. Meg feels called to share good Gospel news--in word, in deed, in silence, in all things--to all of God's beloved children.

She is a native of North Carolina, graduated with a Bachelor's in English Literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and with a Master's in Divinity and in Christian Education from Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, VA.

Meg was ordained as a Teaching Elder (Minister of Word and Sacrament) in 2006, at Village Presbyterian Church near Kansas City, MO, where she served for seven years in the role of Pastoral Care.

Meg and Jarrett have three young daughters: big sister, Naomi, and twins, Caroline and Zanna. She has hitched her life to the promise that Jesus Christ is the light that overcomes darkness, is the love that is stronger than all fear, and is the sure and certain assurance that new life is possible, even when it seems otherwise.