Confirmation 3Youth Ministry at Burke Presbyterian Church calls Youth to follow Jesus Christ.  Our ministry is an intentional ministry between adults and youth. As a part of the overall youth ministry program at Burke, which seeks to connect youth to each other, to Jesus Christ and to the Church, the Confirmation Class (open to any youth wishing to take the class, but generally includes 8th and 9th graders) is an integral step on a young person’s journey. 

Confirmation Sponsors work with, guide, and develop relationships with the Confirmand in a true ministry of presence as the Confirmand becomes an active member of the church through faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and acceptance of his Lordship in all of life.   

Along the journey, our Confirmands explore and experience their faith and confirm their Baptismal vows.  Engaging in this ministry of presence in this young adult’s life is a loving and gracious welcome for young people as they become members of Christ’s church.

For more information about Youth Ministry at BPC, contact the Associate Pastor of Youth Ministries Adam Ogg, 703-764-0456 or