“Games People Play” Sermon Series

“Games People Play” Sermon Series

“Games People Play” is a sermon series that uses fun board games to open up the various internal maneuvers that often dominate our relationship with God. For example . . . 

Balderdash: Remember that dictionary game where you say a definition for a big complicated word and it might be the real definition or completely made up? Some words in our faith context are like that. What, for example, does the word “blessed” mean? Hear Jesus define it. 

The Game of Life: This game taught us that the bank would just give you $10,000 to get started. Milton Bradley could not figure out a way to assess winning at life except in terms of money. Jesus lays out a different end game. 

Board games will be set up in the Gathering Space for some friendly competition and conversation after church. And good news, kids: Giant Jenga is back!

“Games People Play” runs July 9 through 30. Calendar