Bikes for the World Collection Report

Bikes for the World Collection Report

This report was written by Earl Smith.

The Bikes for the World (BFW) collection sponsored by both St Mary’s Catholic Church and Burke Presbyterian Church on Saturday, April 22 was a great success. We collected 95 bikes and 2 sewing machines. 

Bikes collected and ready to be loaded on the truck

The bikes will be part of the next shipment going to Rwanda in the near future. BFW can usually get about 450 to 500 bikes in a shipping container. The BFW rep who picked up our bikes recently returned from a trip to one of the many countries in either Central America or Africa that receive shipments. BFW uses a rigorous vetting process for the in-country organizations receiving shipments for distribution. Their primary concern is to make sure the donated bikes go to people in need and not to for-profit organizations. He mentioned that the bikes are most appreciated by kids who usually have to walk 6 to 8 miles to school.

Helping to load bikes in the truck

We had several volunteer parents and teenagers to help process the bikes for shipment.

Getting a bike ready to load on the truck

Thanks to all the BPC members and friends who donated bikes.

Our wonderful volunteers!

Visit the Bikes for the World website for more information, including a collection schedule and locations in Northern Virginia that accept donations on a regular basis.