Posts from June 2024

“Read It Again” – Sermon Series

Our July sermon series is “Read It Again”. In the summer, we often read our favorite books again. We may visit with family and hear those favorite stories again, stories about when you were a baby or where the grandparents met or maybe even new insights from that uncle who is doing the genealogy. This July at BPC, we will dust off some of the formative stories of our faith. Moses in the bulrushes and then startled by the burning…

Father’s Day Offering for Ukraine

We are collecting funds for medical supplies for Ukrainians defending their country from invasion. For two years, Russian bombs have targeted Ukrainian hospitals, power stations, and supermarkets; forcing regular Ukrainians to join the armed forces to protect their families. Today, we seek to lessen that burden and honor fathers throughout the world by providing funds for life-saving medical equipment that will help Ukrainians come home safely. We invite you to donate funds for a chest seal ($15), a tourniquet ($30), or pelvic stabilizer…

Summer 2024 Newsletter

The New Leaf, a newsletter of Burke Presbyterian Church members and friends, is published quarterly. Read the Summer 2024 issue. Paper copies are available in the Gathering Space. If you would like to receive a paper copy by US mail, contact the church office at 703-764-0456 or

APNC Update

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“The Gospel According to Pixar” – Sermon Series

Our June sermon series is The Gospel According to Pixar. “The Gospel According to Pixar” – Starting with Toy Story in 1995, Pixar Studios has created animated movies that are both entertaining and surprisingly wise. They tell very human stories while making us laugh, and along the way, many Gospel themes emerge. This June, we are highlighting four of those movies in our sermons. You don’t have to have seen the movies to understand the stories they tell. But, perhaps you…